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  • Aaron Seelye

Why your Farm or Construction company needs GPS tracking.

If you've looked at GPS trackers for your fleet of pickups, tractors, earthmovers, or really any other large piece of equipment, I'm sure you've read all the razzle-dazzle reasons you need it. But let's get down to the basics, there's only a few major reasons you need this (and you *do* need it).

  1. Instantly know your asset's location. It's pretty simple. You have a dozen tractors in your current block, but can't see a single one. You have an employee that takes about 30 minutes too long to get from point A to point B. Someone has conveniently "borrowed" your tool trailer. Whatever the reason that you can't see your equipment when it should be sitting in front of you, the last thing you need is to don your Sherlock Holmes hat and start running down your gear like a demented game of Where's Waldo. Using our hardware and software (available for your computer/web browser, Android, and IOS), you can tell in an instant where that pickup or tractor is and alter your plans or take corrective action as necessary.

  2. Asset location history. Similar to #1, while you might know where the item is, you're curious how it got there. Is your sprayer purposely driving the long way around to waste time? Did your parts guy get a ticket for 80 in a 55, and swears up and down that he wasn't? Well, being able to replay his trip, look at how fast he was actually going according to the GPS, and basing your decision on the facts will help you determine if the cop was just filling out his quota or you have an employee with a lead foot.

  3. Asset going AWOL. Whether someone borrowed your trailer without permission, a work truck is used after hours for personal use, or your forklift decides to go out for a midnight stroll, the simple fact is that your equipment should be following the rules you set for it. Our system can detect movement of work vehicles outside working hours, it can tell you if your tractor goes off the farm, or if one of your workers is leaving the pickup idling at the gas station for 30 minutes while he's talking to the pretty girl behind the counter. Whatever the reason, your business has a right to ensure that its assets are being used properly, and we help notify you when it isn't so that you can take whatever corrective action needed.

At the end of it, it's clear in our modern day and age, with margins everywhere being shaved, theft going sky high, and good help becoming harder to find, a little help in the oversight department can't hurt any business. If you currently don't have a solution in place, contact us and we can help get you and your business back on the right track.

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