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GPS & Bluetooth Devices


The workhorse of our stable, this GPS tracker is dust-proof, waterproof, and includes a small battery for inadvertent power disconnections.

GB130MG gps tracker
GV620MG gps tracker


This GPS tracker is meant for situations where power isn't guaranteed or is otherwise intermittent.  Also good for controlling external gear via relays, such as pumps or power.


While not hardened from dust and water, the unique feature of this unit is that it can control an external relay at a price point that will make you look twice.  Primarily aimed at buy-here-pay-here car dealers, we have tutorials to show you how to enable starter interruption with this model.

GV53MG gps tracker
The Dot, our Bluetooth tracker

The Dot

Our custom-made Bluetooth tag & software solution enables you to quickly easily, and effortlessly manage your air mover & other large tool inventory.  Coupled with humidity and temperature sensing, the Dot allows you to read your job's progress simply walking the site, not donning a Tyvek suit or any other hassles.

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